On the day of your much-awaited photoshoot, my primary recommendation is to pamper yourself by hiring the expertise of a professional hair and makeup artist. Arriving on time is key, with your hair and makeup ready to roll, or for little ones or partners accompanying you, make sure they are photo-ready with brushed hair and neatly ironed outfits. A friendly reminder: I'll send a confirmation email the day before to ensure everything is set for your session.


For studio sessions, it is a home studio in a gated neighborhood. To enter you click to view resident by name and my Name will be on there to prompt me to open the gate. Once inside the neighborhood, find the brown garage and matching wooden door at the end of Sweetwater Ave (I have a round sign on my door to assure you're in the right place). Music will be playing on the speakers (usually classical) to ensure a calm shoot. If you prefer different music playing just let me know and I'll gladly change it.

If you're borrowing from the client closet, you change in the restroom. We kick off with the first outfit, and don't worry—I'm there to pose and direct you throughout. Feel free to suggest any specific poses you may have seen online or bring props to add a personal touch. My goal is to provide you with an incredible photography experience, concluding with awe-inspiring photos to cherish.

Post-session, settle the remaining balance, and I'll verbally explain the upcoming steps for viewing your images. Any questions? I'm all ears, and I'll follow up via email, so keep an eye on your inbox! :)


For outdoor sessions, we'll meet at our agreed-upon location. The client is in charge of check-ins and any location-related fees. I'll greet you at the front, armed with my equipment, and then we'll explore the area for creative ideas. Just like in the studio, I'll guide you through poses and directions, open to any suggestions you may have or props you'd like to incorporate. The aim is to provide you with an exceptional photography experience, ensuring you depart with not only fantastic memories but also awesome photos to last a lifetime.

Post-session, settle the remaining balance, and I'll verbally explain the next steps for accessing your images. Feel free to ask any lingering questions, and expect a follow-up email for additional details.

Curious about what happens after your session? Click here to find out the process after your session.