"Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart."

(Winnie the Pooh)


A newborn photoshoot is a priceless opportunity to capture the fleeting moments of a baby's early days, preserving memories and showcasing the deep emotional bonds within the family. It freezes the delicate features of the newborn and creates a lasting visual legacy, celebrating the joy and tenderness of this special chapter in life.

When BOOK your NEWBORN session

It’s best to schedule your session while you are still pregnant preferably during the third trimester. Date can be tentative and change in case mom delivers earlier or later. Please keep me updated if there are any changes in your birthing plan. Newborn sessions are taken between 6-15 days old while babies are still the sleepiest. I would suggest to put someone else in charge of notifying me when you give birth to set up an appointment that way mom can focus on the birth and baby.

Do you provide the newborn outfits?

I can provide all the outfits for newborn babies. If mom or older sister is in the session I can also provide them with dresses from our client closet and child closet.